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Created at 2020-07-04 Updated at 2024-05-19 - 1 min. read Tag pm2, slack, flock, npm

Yes, you read it right. I published another npm module in the ocean of npm modules. I avoid publishing a new library as there already so many available on the web. This time I have to as there was no similar library which could have helped my work.

So currently, I was using slack with pm2 for real-time logging. However, recently we shifted to the flock. It is a team messaging and collaboration tool. Now the issue was that my team was on the flock and my realtime logs on slack. I needed that too to be ported to flock. I first searched over the web for the same but didn’t found anything. Since pm2-slack was already open-sourced. I just made some changes and boom it’s now working with the flock.

Here is the link. Do check out and give your feedback or open an issue.

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