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My personal blog i.e www.ashutoshksingh.com was previously hosted on wordpress. I heard about static site generator but was not getting the time to switch my blog platform. Choosing from many static site generator is another a different task. You can get list of open source site generator list here. I tried many but felt comfortable in hexo.
Hexo basically uses javascript and on templating side you can either go for EJS or Swig. It comes with pluggin that helps to migrate from wordpress to hexo. It has plugging for other frameworks too.

First you need to do a npm install

$ npm install hexo-migrator-wordpress --save

Then you need to go to your wordpress dashboard.

Go to tool -> export -> wordpress

Go to your hexo root folder and type the following command

$ hexo migrate wordpress <source>

where source is the destination of the export of your wordpress file.

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