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There is a famous book called hooked by Nir Eyal. It’s about how to build habbit forming product. My colleague Ashutosh Prakash Singh gave a worderful presentation about it. Explaining all the important terms and process. The presentation can be found below.

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He started about explaining about difference between pain killers and vitamins. Pain killers are those which address the burning need. While vitamins are good to have but they don’t satisfy any burning need. Vitamins are not necessary, things can go on track without them too.

Vitamins with habit forming technology leads to pain alleviating behaviour. While we can define habit as a behaviour done with little or no conscious thought. Eg: Facebook was a vitamin but as soon as people get into a habit of it. Then it changed from vitamin to a pain alleviating behaviour. Hook is about the experience design to connect the user’s problem to your solution with enough frequency to form a habbit.

In hook model consist four important term, which are:

  • Trigger
  • Action
  • Variable Reward
  • Investment
    Further trigger is defined into two parts :

  • Internal

  • Exeternal
    External trigger are those trigger which have the information of what you want to do next. Eg: You got a message notification over your cell phone. The external trigger is to open the message. Another example if you get door bell rings, the external trigger is to open the door. As someone is standing outside.

Internal trigger is mostly consist of five things mention below :

  • Place
  • People
  • Emotion
  • Routine
  • Situation
    Action is defined as the sum of motivation ability and a trigger took place at the same time. Action is very much as it leads to reward in the hooked cycle.

Before jumping to reward thing. Have you ever thought what makes you feel good?
Its dopamine, the chemical messenger which is released by Nucleus accumbens. Some of the test have been done proving that whenever dopamine is released, the object tends to repeat that work. That is where reward come in game. People tend to repeat the task if reward is given. It can be classified in 3 categories :

  • Tribe
  • Hunt
  • Self
    Hooked uses one or more reward type to make it a habit.

Next and final part is the investment. It can be in many form. Some are given below :

  • Money
  • Personal Data
  • Emotional Commitment
  • Time
  • Social Capital
  • Effort
    Hope you got to some information regarding hooked :)

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