Valentine Your Python 2016

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This event is one of the those, for which we waited for a quite long. We include my all tech enthusiast friend and juniors who helped organizing this. The workshop covered basic of python and object oriented programming with python. We aim to cover the flask but was unable to cover due to short of time.

IMG_20160213_104216Speaker for the event were my mentor Anuvrat Prashar and Akshay Arora from Pydelhi. The workshop started with a healthy introduction between the audience and speaker. As soon as the environment all the basic packages were distributed, basics of python started as most were the beginner in the python.

IMG_20160213_104135After phase 1 we move to the next phase of the workshop which was totally focused on the Object Oriented Programming. Many concept were crystal clear after we had a deep discussion over simple and basic term. Which lead to simple description term and relation of the programing world to the real world.

12699096_880194108763967_1851290630_oWorkshop was concluded with the description over Pydelhi by me and rishabh. We also discussed the upcoming event i.e Pydelhi mini conf. We shared our experience as contributing in a community and what all benefits we got as a student. We had Q&A session and those who gave the correct answer got the pydelhi t-shirts.

All over it was a fantastic ending .We got all the positive response as most of the attendee were happy ruining their Valentineā€™s Day.

#ValentineYourPython ;)

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