Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Not Starting or Charging

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After a long while i switched over android development. The moment phone development comes, my tab comes in demand for me at least. Finally the time came when it was out of its cover, plugged in the charger. After 2 hour when i realized that tab is not taking up the charge neither is it switching on. After realizing that none of the tricks of switching it on is working . Then the fear of giving it to service center came to my mind. Which actually ignited the spark of trying it repair myself.

Started searching over the Internet for the appropriate solution. Then i landed over this


Which actually worked for me pretty well. The main challenge was opening the tab. I suggest to use some plastic as shown in video rather than using some metal(which i used). As it may result in putting marks over the tab side aluminum strip. Also after removing the plug from the port wait for at least 5 minute before putting it back. Repack the tab back before restarting it. Do not restart the tab or plug in the charger before packing it back to as it was.


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