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First of all, I would like to thank Aniket for inviting me for Pycon. I hardly know anyone in Banglore. Later two of my college friend(Rajat and Rishabh) joined me. It was long 33hr journey. We arrived a day before the event. I went as a attendee but enrolled myself as a volunteer. A day before event i was helping the network team setting up the wires and all the access point.


Day 0

Day started with dev sprint. I was with Kushal and ntoll,learned how to apply patch on cpython. It was quite interesting as i was totally unaware about these thing. Later i helped the network team with the connection. Then there was all the fun with the swag bag event. Where all the bags were prepared for next day event. The day ended with akkshay’s kiwi presentation which was perfect.


Day 1

Reported at 7 in the morning. Pushed all the bag to the registration center. The event started with key note. After that i attended the Internet Of Thing talk which expressed the need of security gateways interaction to make connection and data more secure. I also interacted with many new people and firm. Which were there for a change. The best part was the flash talks that actually was worth watching.


Day 2

Day started with key note of ntoll. Which actually boosted up the energy of all the attendees. After that a free space discussion on pythonexpress, where I got the opportunity to put my views and difficulties that i faced while conducting seminar and workshop. Meet many of new people that were as intresting as the pycon. This pycon has actually opened new section in my brain. Hope to meet those people again in PYCON 2016.DSC08804

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