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12017620_10208096531115729_5043008361686098650_oThe Code for India Hackathon 2015 is being hosted in honour of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the Silicon Valley.. The main aim of this Hackathon was “Think Local, Hack Global”. It took place at Tech Mahindra,Noida. We(me, ashutosh goel, naman) hacked for the farmer. It was a android application which helped the farmer to calculate the amount of fertilizer he has to use for his next cultivation. It also suggest farmer the crop it has to grow with help of his current GPS coordinate. Which eventually helped in telling the weather and season for the right crop. It was a great experience as our application got featured on ( Network 18’s Website). It was a great experience, looking forward to attend another such event.12074764_10208096530115704_4757261406425702108_n

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