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Intresting Reading & Projects


Week 38


Week 37

Fast, disk space efficient package manager

Start using any VSCode theme directly in CodeSandbox

Week 36

Essential Books That Every Programmer Should Read

JAMstack WTF

Week 35

The Difference Between a Framework and a Library

Scalable architecture without magic (and how to build it if you’re not Google)

Famous Laws Of Software Development

Week 34

How To Secure A Linux Server


Week 33

Operationalizing Node.js for Server Side Rendering

Build a Realtime Serverless GraphQL API with Websockets on AWS

Week 32

Essential Books That Every Programmer Should Read

Benchmarking Go vs Node vs Elixir

Week 31

The “Bug-O” Notation

Comprehensive Python Cheatsheet

Week 30

We've all faced rejection

Week 29

Become a better Developer, one New Tab at a time.

Flexbox is a CSS module

Async IO in Python: A Complete Walkthrough

Week 28

Professional Programming

Week 27

Functional Programming Fundamentals

Data Structures 101: Graphs — A Visual Introduction for Beginners

Week 26

Awesome list of Important Podcasts for software engineers

Eva Icons

Week 25

XSStrike is a Cross Site Scripting detection suite equipped with four hand written parsers, an intelligent payload generator, a powerful fuzzing engine and an incredibly fast crawler.

Node.js & JavaScript Testing Best Practices (2020)

101 Bash Commands and Tips for Beginners to Experts

Week 24

Want to build something fun? Here’s a list of sample web app ideas

Week 23

Markdown for the component era

How to teach Git

Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures using Python

Week 22

What's in a Production Web Application?

The Inter typeface family

Week 21

SSH Examples, Tips & Tunnels

Week 20

How to create a Node.js web app using no external packages

Monorepos: Please don’t!

Week 19

Monorepo: please do!

Free vector illustrations

The Element of UI Enginerring

Week 18

React Developer Road map

Week 17

How to do this in Flutter?

Inspirational Websites from 2018

Week 16


20 ways to become a better Node.js developer in 2020

What I look for in a designer

Week 15

The Book of Secret Knowledge

Week 14

A Design System for the Web

What, exactly, is the DOM?

Awesome Python Applications

Week 13

snippet generator

The Ultimate Guide to Learning CSS

Week 12

The Ultimate VSCode Setup for Front End/JS/React

5 excellent website redesigns — before and after

Redesigning the Office App Icons to Embrace a New World of Work

Securing Your Site like It’s 1999

Week 11

The faster you unlearn OOP, the better for you and your software

eDEX-UI is a fullscreen, cross-platform terminal emulator and system monitor that looks and feels like a sci-fi computer interface.

The Ultimate VSCode Setup for Front End/JS/React

Week 10

5 Lessons Learned From Writing Over 300,000 Lines of Infrastructure Code

Exploring Vim

Stylish CLI prompts that are user-friendly, intuitive and easy to create.

The easiest way to configure a performant, secure, and stable NGINX server.

Building Your Color Palette

Week 09

Getting to 10x (Results): What Any Developer Can Learn from the Best

What Most Remote Companies Don’t Tell You About Remote Work

I was looking for a house, so I built a web scraper in Python!

Week 08

Carlo - headful Node app framework

Awesome README

Week 07

Command-line JSON processing tool

A Netflix Web Performance Case Study

A to Z Resources for Students

Fear, trust and JavaScript: When types and functional programming fail

Week 06

Falcon is a multi-process, multi-fiber rack-compatible HTTP server built on top of async, async-io, async-container and async-http.

Awesome Online IDE

Week 05

Immutable Web Apps

Setup Kibana Dashboards for Nginx log Analysis

How Facebook 3D Photos Work

Week 04

Setup Kibana Dashboards for Nginx log Analysis

The Fuck is a app, that corrects errors in previous console commands.

Awesome MongoDB

How to write a killer Software Engineering résumé

CodePen Home Pure CSS Toggle Buttons | ON-OFF Switches

A Beginner's Guide to JavaScript's Prototype

The Algorithms - Python

A curated list of delightful Visual Studio Code packages and resources

How to understand any programming task

How Reddit ranking algorithms work

Week 03

How to Become a Better Software Developer: A Handbook on Personal Performance

A completely customizable framework for building rich text editors.

How to create an OS from scratch!

A blockchain in 200 lines of code

660 Free Online Programming & Computer Science Courses

How to stop using console.log() and start using your browser’s debugger

How Reddit ranking algorithms work

Week 02

Setup Kibana Dashboards for Nginx log Analysis

Asynchronous JavaScript cheatsheet

Automate your workflow from idea to production

Week 01

Top 10 Must-Watch PyCon Talks

Landing page templates for startups

Why use too many modals

How to save a puppy by creating a clean Git repo

CSS Border-Radius Can Do That?


Week 52

Why every beginner front-end developer should know publish-subscribe pattern?

Optical Effects in User Interfaces: An Illustrated Guide

Immutability in React and Redux: The Complete Guide

Week 51

Git hooks made easy

A list of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS offerings that have free tiers of interest to devops and infradev

Week 50

A cat(1) clone with syntax highlighting and Git integration

Week 49

Awesome React Native UI components updated weekly

You don't (may not) need Moment.js

Playground and Cheatsheet for Learning Python

Week 48

A simple zero-config tool to make locally trusted development certificates with any names you'd like.

How to Design for the Modern Web

Front-End Performance Checklist

An updated collection of tutorials, plugins and frameworks for Front End developers

Week 47

What are Ghost Buttons?

Week 46

A list of Game Development resources to make magic happen

Puppeteer recorder is a Chrome extension that records your browser interactions and generates a Puppeteer script.

Week 45

A collection of Linux Sysadmin Test Questions and Answers. Test your knowledge and skills in different fields with these Q/A.

find the cost of adding a npm package to your bundle

Getting Started with React - An Overview and Walkthrough Tutorial

Week 44

Don't Do This in Production

Big O Notation — Simply explained with illustrations and video

Week 43

Things I (honestly) don’t want to see in your portfolio

A quick introduction to web security

How To Write Unmaintainable Code

Grid System Library

Week 42

GoReplay is an innovative open-source solution which allows you to capture your existing users activity and re-use it for testing

The structured clone algorithm


Week 41

Real-time performance monitoring, done right!

Fonts That People Actually Use

10 Things You Will Eventually Learn About JavaScript Projects

A list of Free Software network services and web applications which can be hosted locally

Week 40

ApexCharts.js – Open-Source HTML5 JavaScript Charts

VSCodeThemes — Preview Visual Studio Code Themes.

We’re under attack! 23+ Node.js security best practices

CSS Grid Changes EVERYTHING - Amazing Presentation

The Cost Of JavaScript In 2018

Simple terminal UI for git commands

Real-time performance monitoring, done right!

Week 39


avaScript fundamentals before learning React

Browsh is a fully-modern text-based browser

Common webpage design mistakes

A retro game engine for Python

Week 38

The Problem You Solve Is More Important Than The Code You Write

DevTube - The best developer videos in one place

Why is Python so slow?

CoolHue 2.0 - Coolest Gradient Hues and Swatches

Week 37

How to Use Emojis as Icons

How I scaled a website to 10 million users

Build accessible rich web apps with React

Week 36

Awesome list of open source applications for macOS.

git-bundle documentation

The main pillars of learning programming and why beginners should master them.

Vue.js: the good, the meh, and the ugly

Week 35

The Ultimate List of Python YouTube Channels

Understanding Redux: The World’s Easiest Guide to Beginning Redux

20+ Awesome Open-Source Android Apps To Boost Your Development Skills

Awesome list of open source applications for macOS

Week 34

A plain English introduction to JSON web tokens (JWT): what it is and what it isn’t

A powerful UI toolkit for managing JavaScript apps

Node.js Guide for Frontend Developers

Week 33

Remote Only Advantage

Vibora - Python Web Framework

8-Point Grid: Typography

Extensible mobile app debugger

Developer tools to increase your productivity

Week 32

React Native at airbnb

Error Monitoring & Reporting tool for app stability

Building a Cross-platform mobile team

Sunsetting React Native

What's Next for Mobile at Airbnb

Week 31

You have been using 'console' wrong the whole time

Level up your CSS selector skills

Learning Go’s Concurrency Through Illustrations

Vuesax Frontend Vue Components

Week 30

The personal information dashboard for your terminal.

Type coercion in JavaScript (and why everyone gets it wrong)

Building Modern Applications with Django and Vue.js

Intermediate Python

An Example of How Software Becomes Complicated

Week 29

O RLY Cover Generator

Cool Backgrounds

The uncompromising Python code formatter

Week 28

Gitea - A painless self-hosted Git service

How to start a Go project in 2018

Shell Scripting Crash Course - Beginner Level

Signale - Highly configurable logging utility

Refactoring UI - Learn how to design awesome UIs by yourself using specific tactics

Week 27

Google Design Channel

Build your own (insert technology here)

Real-time collaborative development

Week 26

The New Material.io

Electron-based Terminal

Creating A True Singleton In Node.js, With ES6 Symbols

Transforming and sending Nginx log data to Elasticsearch using Filebeat and Logstash

Week 25

Resetting MySQL Root Password On Ubuntu

Cross platform Mongo DB management

How To Decide What To Build

A free book that talks about design patterns/techniques used while developing with React.

Particle Effects for Buttons

Week 24

Pipenv: A Guide to the New Python Packaging Tool

Death to the waterfall

Oh Man, Look at Your API!

VS Code can do that?!

What exactly is Node.js?

Week 23

A Python Crash Course

Designing very large (JavaScript) applications

Week 22

How to escape async/await hell

The best of Python: a collection of my favorite articles from 2017 and 2018 (so far)

Frontend handbook 2019

Week 21

Unit Testing in JavaScript with Mocha

A dependency-free JavaScript ES6 slider and carousel.


React lifecycle diagram

Week 20

Discover the latest iOS UI design patterns

Here are examples of everything new in ECMAScript 2016, 2017, and 2018

Which is the fastest version of Python?

Week 19

Beginner Programmers' Mistakes

Loop better: A deeper look at iteration in Python

ES modules: A cartoon deep-dive

Free Bootstrap 4 admin/dashboard template

Week 18

One Simple Trait That Will Advance Your Software Career

Be careful what you copy: Invisibly inserting usernames into text with Zero-Width Characters

Week 17

O API — an alternative to REST APIs

Don’t be a Junior Developer 💻🚀

The Open CLI Framework

Cool Chrome DevTools tips and tricks you wish you knew already

Week 16

How To Write A Great Resume For Software Engineers

How Dark Patterns Trick You Online

Beautiful chart for data visualization

Good to great UI animation tips

Week 15

5 Quick and Easy Data Visualizations in Python with Code

CSS Gradient — Generator, Maker, and Background

Create graphics with a hand-drawn, sketchy, appearance

How to NOT React: Common Anti-Patterns and Gotchas in React

I am a mediocre developer

Week 14

Ultimate Guide to an Interface Icon Set

Awesome Developers, Streaming

Week 13

Developer Survey Results 2018

Upload anything, from anywhere.

Understanding Margin Collapse in CSS

An Introduction to NGINX for Developers

Week 12

A modest JavaScript framework for the HTML you already have

Lesser known CSS quirks & advanced tips

Seth Godin: Thinking Backwards

Week 11

Owning the Role of the Front-End Developer

Audit git repos for secrets

30 Seconds of CSS

What to do when tech jobs go bad

Week 10

A curated list of technical talks and articles about real world enterprise frontend development

Smells In React Apps - JSConf.Asia 2018

Week 09

Python & Async Simplified

7 Practical Tips for Cheating at Design

A developer’s introduction to GitHub

How To Google Your Errors

Week 08

CSS Naming Conventions that Will Save You Hours of Debugging


9 Promising Promise Tips

Week 07

Phaser is a fun, free and fast 2D game framework for making HTML5 games

Robust Client-Side JavaScript

Week 06

Front-end Job Interview Questions

VS Code Extensions

Week 05

9 Django Tips for Working with Databases

SaaS Pricing: Lessons from 4 pricing changes

A practical introduction to functional programming

Jake Archibald: In The Loop - JSConf.Asia 2018

Week 04

Vue on 2018 — Interview with Evan You, author of the Vue.js framework

12 best practices for user account, authorization and password management

Modern CSS Explained For Dinosaurs

Week 03

React Patterns

The 10 Best Coding Challenge Websites for 2018

Polaroid for your code

Week 02

No Kings: How Do You Make Good Decisions Efficiently in a Flat Organization?

Node.js Best Practices

Week 01

Who Killed The Junior Developer?

The art of error message

An Exhaustive Guide to Writing Dockerfiles for Node.js Web Apps


Week 52

A Guide to Kill, Pkill and Killall Commands to Terminate a Process in Linux

Hacker101 is a free class for web security.

Awesome cheatsheets for popular programming languages, frameworks and development tools

Week 51

CAP theorem

How To Use Ansible and Tinc VPN to Secure Your Server Infrastructure

How To Install Tinc and Set Up a Basic VPN on Ubuntu

Week 50

The mockup club - best free mockup

SweetAlert makes popup messages easy and pretty.

Please Stop Using Local Storage

A collection of simple demos of Webpack

Laws of UX

Week 49

Create graphs from your CommonJS, AMD or ES6 module dependencies

Create graphs from your CommonJS, AMD or ES6 module dependencies

Week 48

How to get HTTPS working on your local development environment in 5 minutes

An Intro to Color Theory: How to combine colors and set the mood of your designs


Week 47

FAIR's research platform for object detection research, implementing popular algorithms like Mask R-CNN and RetinaNet.


Next.js Crash Course - Server Side React

Week 46

Building a static blog using Gatsby and Strapi

Understanding internals of Python classes

Week 45


Week 44

JavaScript: Can (a==1 && a==2 && a==3) ever evaluate to true?

Gestalt principles in UI design.

Week 43

Python library for making simple Electron-like HTML/JS GUI apps

Ten Things I Wish I’d Known About bash

Universal command-line interface for SQL databases

Download 243 Free eBooks on Design, Data, Software, Web Development & Business from O’Reilly Media

The Death of Microservice Madness in 2018

Week 42

Uppy File Uploader

How faster computers gave us Meltdown and Spectre

20 best free fonts of 2017

Off With Their Heads: How to Build a Headless WordPress to Manage Content

Week 41

How to make your first open source contribution in just 5 minutes

Object-Oriented Programming [OOP] in Python 3 – Real Python

Week 40

Node.js Performance Monitoring with Prometheus

Get Started Contributing to JavaScript Open Source

The most hearted Pens of 2018

The Brutal Lifecycle of JavaScript Frameworks

Week 39

Regular expression Denial of Service - ReDoS


Developer-first solution that automates finding & fixing vulnerabilities in your dependencies

Week 38

Rate limiter for Node.js backed by Redis

Automatic SQL injection and database takeover tool

Week 37

The Secret of Great Gradient

“Scribbler” Website Template (HTML, Sketch)

Node.js Security Checklist

Best nginx configuration for improved security(and performance)

Week 36


Week 35

A simple guide to semantic versioning

Best practices for the modern web

List of awesome university courses for learning Computer Science!

Week 34

Unix sed

Week 33

Serve Responsive Images

Kutt your links shorter.

Week 32

The best way to write secure and reliable applications

Week 31

Freedombox - Inexpensive server at home

HTTPS explained with carrier pigeons

Week 30

Assessing Loading Performance in Real Life with Navigation and Resource Timing

Headless User Interface Components

Roadmap to becoming a React developer

Week 29

Developer Roadmap

Here’s Why Mapping a Constructed Array in JavaScript Doesn’t Work

Introducing the Single Element Pattern

Should we use React Native?

Reduce JavaScript Payloads with Tree Shaking

It has never been so easy to document your things!

Using JavaScript modules on the web

What is “Fear Of Missing Out” and how to deal with it

Quokkajs — Rapid prototying playground

JavaScript library which is built to easily customize and use the SVG Icons with a blaze

A UI animation library designed for modern JS frameworks

Lets build express

Record, Replay, and Stub HTTP Interactions

An interactive command line tool to help you choose licence

Week 28

Web Architecture 101

Clean Node — Part 1

Async-Await ≈ Generators + Promises

Dynamic Programming vs Divide-and-Conquer

JavaScript engine fundamentals: Shapes and Inline Caches

From Node.js to Go: There, and back again

An Introduction To Sails.Js

Offline-First with Node.js and Hoodie

Higher-Order Functions In JavaScript

Concurrent marking in V8

Github and Open-source Is a Boon for the Underprivileged

Supporting React Native at Pinterest

Open-sourcing Sonar, a new extensible debugging tool

Week 27

YES! I Compiled 1,000,000 TypeScript files in Under 40 Seconds. This is How.

Keeping Node.js Fast: Tools, Techniques, And Tips For Making High-Performance Node.js Servers

How I automated my job with Node.js

exports vs module.exports

Check if you have an account that has been compromised in a data breach

Building a Facebook Messenger Chat Bot with Node.js

Web Code is a solved Problem: How about fixing Web UI next?

Before you bury yourself in packages, learn the Node.js runtime itself

11 Javascript Utility Libraries You Should Know In 2018

What is “this” in JavaScript?

10 Things I Regret About Node.js - Ryan Dahl - JSConf EU 2018

A Programmer’s Introduction to Unicode

Animista, a great tool which provides CSS animations on demand

Week 26

A color accessibility tool for designers and developers

Remove unused styles from CSS

Five tips for improving your technical writing and documentation

Design for Non-Designers: Part 2

A Map To Modern JavaScript Development (2017)

Terminals are sexy

UI Design Report 2017

V8 Runtime Call Stats and WebPageTest

JavaScript Start-up Performance

Week 25

Awesome Design Pattern

Learning operating system development using Linux kernel and Raspberry Pi

WebGradients is a free collection of 180 linear gradients

55 CSS checkboxes

Webpack – A Detailed Introduction

Colormind is a color scheme generator that uses deep learning

How to Use CSS Animations Like a Pro

Should designers code or should developers design?

Week 24

JavaScript array methods: mutating vs. non-mutating

Learning How to Learn

Design for Non-Designers

Dead simple Animated typing, with no dependencies

Python Top 10 Articles for the Past Year [2017]

Fluent in 3 Months (Fi3M) is all about finding the quickest possible route to speaking a new language.

Language learning superpowers

14 Important Website Performance Metrics You Should Be Analyzing

Week 23

The map with the collection of jobs

PythonBooks. Learn Python the easy way!

CSS forms for download and get inspired.

Easily add high-quality animation to any native app.

Free JavaScript books

A free guide to HTML

14 Python libraries too good to overlook

Open Source Guides

Creative Coding: Generative Art, Data visualization, Interaction Design, Resources

Week 22

A Beginner’s JavaScript Study Plan

JavaScript’s Prototype Inheritance Explained Using CSS

Remote Python Jobs

A curated list of Awesome Creative Portfolios

Week 21

Free 20 video course to master css flexbox

A curated list of APIs from round the web

Inspirational UI Element Vol 2

Fundamental of functional programming

Week 20

53 Must-Have Features for Local Business Websites

WebSlides Demos

Javascript Animation Engine

Prettier - opinionated code formatter

GUI for editing, visualizing, and manipulating JSON data

50 resources to help you start learning JavaScript in 2018

Non-Rectangular Headers

Week 19

2017 trendy google fonts combination

A daily icon diary for download

Awesome buttons for awesome projects!

Clean Code Javascript

The best color combinations from designers

A library for predicting what element a user will interact with next

Week 18

The most promising design tools you should try

Block reveal effects

Rellax - Parallax library

Designer Guide To Git

Open source project list

Week 17

Javascript ES6 in one video

How-to guides to launch your stop

What to learn in 2017?

TED | Inside the mind of a master procrastinator

Week 16

Resources and tools for entrepreneurs, designers, developers and marketers

Online Resume Making Tool

The ultimate JavaScript String Library

Intro to The 8-Point Grid System

Quickbook For Designers

Understanding The Material Design

Sketch Workflow — 8 point Soft Grids

8pt Grid

Week 15

5 Lead Generation

Why Client Side Rendering Won

Lightweight and simple carousel with no dependencies

Music For Programming

Week 14

Freebie sports games icon

Wrapping Text Around A Curved Image With CSS Shapes

Debugging the web[Chrome dev summit 2016]

Adidas site[UI/UX study]

Week 13

Javascript library crafted to power your webapp's pull to refresh feature

Web design prediction of 2017

30 days vanilla JS

Week 12

Javascript promises for dummies

Why people suck at CSS

Docker for beginners

Week 11

Universal Analyst

Rubber Duck Debugging

Socratic Method

Think aloud protocol

YouTube channels for frontend developers

UI gradients

A free visual guide to CSS

Awesome interview question

Web designer time saving tool

A little jquery helper to glitch everything

Week 10

Vagrant - Docker - Ansible

Difference between thread and process

Locust - Load testing tool

Rollbar - Real-time error monitoring

Week 9

The first secret of great design

Why does APT not use HTTPS?

Helmet - library that helps you secure your Express apps by setting various HTTP headers

Image effect with css

Supertest - this module is to provide a high-level abstraction for testing HTTP

Retire - Command line scanner looking for use of known vulnerable js files and node modules in web projects and/or node projects.

Week 8

Tips for remote working

Most popular node js tutorial of 2017

Build JS into future

2017 Popular code pens

Node js best practice

Week 7

Web designer or Web developer

Hamburger menu alternative for mobile navigation

Inspirational website for UI/UX

Week 6

19 Things I learn reading Nodejs docs


Nobody Tells This To Beginners

Week 5

Feynman Technique

Distribution Vs Innovation

SCSS mixins for single element loaders and spinners

Week 4

[JS] What the heck is event loop?

Free IRC Bouncer

ZNC - irc bouncer

Week 3

npm harvesting story

Voice assistants in India

Node.js explaination

Week 2

SQL keys in depth

Python & Postgresql

Week 1

Real world apps

Best way to migrate an elasticsearch cluster to new hardware

Node JS garbage collection


Week 52

The JavaScript motion engine

JavaScript library for parsing, formatting, and validating international phone numbers.

Week 51

Process Vs Model

Fix git mistakes

Javascript Prototypes

[LINUX] Why You Should Almost Always Add Swap Space

Week 50

Understanding Python Decorators in 12 Easy Steps!

12 Factors App

Axios - Promise based HTTP client for the browser and node.js

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