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Created at 2018-07-10 Updated at 2023-03-08

The way you start your career is very important. I got the first opportunity of my career with RTN(Road To Naukri).
It was a great learning experience, I have shared some insights below.

Team Work

“No individual can win a game by himself” - Pele

At the end of the day, it’s the teamwork that makes the show go on. This was beautifully explained by Amit. I was lucky to have a great team to back me up( Neetu & Mandeep).
In the first job, it’s pretty normal for many things to go wrong and slightly out of control. The important part is to learn from your mistakes and understand the value.
My lessons were about team building and support. It doesn’t matter how hard the task is, it all depends upon how strong is the understanding in the team internally.

Learning from A2Z

My role was of full stack developer. Most of the things were new to me, as I came from python background.
In this company, everything was in javascript whether it was frontend or backend. Javascript is single threaded and everything runs in async by default. When you enter into the async world, the working of things gets really confusing. However, slowly everything starts to look normal.
Talking about database aspect, I was comfortable with SQL. But, sometimes things never go as you plan.
Here everything was set up in mongo, which is NoSQL database. Though after some days I was able to understand it.
But, for a person who has always worked on sync programming and then suddenly collides with async programming.
Whatever comes out as a product is no less than a disaster.
“What was it?”, “Where did it come from?” Those were my words, when I came across async functionality with nodejs.

Overall development

Grasping the latest technical knowledge is not the only aim of a developer, overall development is the goal. One might wonder what does it actually it means? It is like when you grow a crop, adding water is just one step.
You also have to add manure, fertilizer and pesticides, for their specific uses. That’s how an employee is to his company.
It’s important to nurture an employee and help them achieve their goal. One of the best things was brown bag sessions.
They basically helped in gaining knowledge outside of your field. In these sessions, everyone gave a small talk on a new topic and explained it. Leadership and responsibility were other skills that I learned pretty well. There were many instances that I was given responsibility to lead the company in that path.

Time Management

It is true that time waits for no one. But analysing how much time it will take to complete a feature, is something else in itself. As this was an issue, about which mostly developers are concerned about. At RTN we solved it by Planning Poker.
Also, we focused on Agile Development. Reviews at the end of sprints, were also a great help to overcome challenges. They gradually helped in personal development. Not only does challenges faced by yourself help, but challenges faced by others also help to avoid the road that is not to be taken.
Thanks to Ankit for helping in these areas.

Though I am no more with the company but it’s more of bond with the people that is missed.

“Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts”. -Arnold Bennett

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