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wpid-img_20151031_065210.jpgWhen mailed dropped in my inbox that i am shortlisted for InOut. I was really excited. I was accompanied by my another friend Ashutosh Goel.We landed in surat in morning around 4. wpid-img_20151031_042359.jpgTheme of the hackathon was connecting india. As the hackathon started the final member of our team came in(Swastik Mundra).inout Many points hit as soon as we started discussing and we came to conclusion of making app for the police department of rural areas. So basically these days you get pizza delivered within half an hour and a cab appears within minutes, but the Police always arrives well after the crime has happened, that too if one is lucky. Our App enables user (victim or witness) to report the crime in real time to the nearest PCR van/Police station. Thus making the police aware of the crime asap, and provide them the exact location of the crime, so that they can take necessary action in no time. The USP of the App is that it works irrespective of presence of internet connection, thus empowering every Indian to connect to police immediately. This feature makes it synonymous to the theme of “Connecting a disconnected India” by enabling each and every citizen to connect to police in real time. Though we couldn’t make to the top 3.wpid-img_20151101_194708.jpg

The support we got from exotel was tremendous. They helped a lot understanding and redefining the structure of our product. Team hack inout was at their best with every thing perfect and on time whether it was food or the service it was all perfect.wpid-img_20151101_164620.jpg

Though we won a lot of goodies. Thanks team hackinout for such a great event. The best gift we got after we came to our place was that our idea on devpost was staff picked. They also published it about in their weekly newsletter and showcased on their homepage. Eagerly waiting for InOut 3.0devpost1

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