Debutsav (DELHI) 2019

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I came across an event name “Devutsav” that was happening in Delhi. I submitted a talk on “Getting Started with Open Source”. This talk was targetted to people who wanted to know the right path. In this talk, i shared my experience and approach that I carried out for the different organizations. Some of the takeaway points that I want to mention are as below

  • Try to target the project or library that you work on your daily life too
  • Find your mentor. look for people who are active on that project/organization
  • Do your homework before asking any question to your mentor.
  • Try to find an issue that is marked with the label as “first issue” like these
  • Have patience while waiting for the reply from the other end
  • Try to ask as many questions as possible so that you are clear with the scope of work.

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