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It’s more than 2 years when I started with nodejs. I was exploring more and more node. Then finally I thought of contributing to nodejs. I was going through the code. As going to first contribution tag. It was way difficult to find an issue and fix it. Hence I contacted different member to mentor me. Luckily I got one addaleax. My mentor help me in rectifying some basic points and got me to a refactoring task. Which was basically rewriting the test by applying basic standards that were introduced afterward. The first commit that landed in the repo was to reduce the timing of benchmark test time. As it was taking a lot of time to run it. Though it took place in two steps. In first pull request, a new variable was introduced that redefined the value of millions to ‘0.000001’. Which helped to reduced the benchmark time.

Though it didn’t completely reduce the time. Some more refactoring has to be done. As internally it was using million variable to 1. Which actually was overwriting the config values. Also at some places, there was hardcoded value and in some places, there was introduced a third variable which used for all processing. Refactoring of these type of file and removal of hardcoded value was done in the second part.

Afterward, I made a pull request to the other test cases too. Below is the link of all the request :
Landing your commit in the upstream project needs time as well as patience. So if you are planning to do one please be respectful of others time and always ask a question if you are in a doubt.

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