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Another year another pycon. This time it’s 2017.It took place in Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies. The first two days of pycon were dev sprint and rest were of talks. I was unable to attend the first day of dev sprint due to some work. Although was able to attend the second day of dev sprint. I have always loved volunteering at pycon. This time I started by helping in management and logistics.

On the second day keynote by Noufal Ibrahim with his handmade slides were really informative.
The day spent well by attending different talks. More interesting were the talk and communication that took place in the corridor and open spaces. You meet different people with different interests, some were the beginner, some intermediate while others were professional.

In flash talk session where talks were selected on the base of lucky draw. It was so because the number of the talks were more and time was very little. Luckily GNDG(Greater Noida Developer Group) was first in the lucky draw. Arshad, Kunal & Arshad were there to represent and gave a talk explaining gndg. Though the end of the day was with the feedback and task allotment to the volunteer.

Next day started with the keynote of Elizabeth Ferrao regarding the python community principles where she discussed the journey of “Women Who Code” & challenge she faced.The perk of being a volunteer is the volunteer party. This it was in barbeque nation. You get to interact with all the volunteers and enjoy a great dinner too.

The very last day started with the keynote of Peter Wang on the topic “Python And Data: Past, Present And Future” and followed by different talks. The confrence was ended with ending the ceremony. Where all the feedback was taken into account and then it all ended with a group picture of all volunteer.

Hope to meet all the mates next time in next pycon which may be happening in Bangalore. As it would be the 10th pycon India.

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