Firefox on Raspbian

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Being a firefox fan. It was pretty uncomfortable to not use it in my raspberry pi with raspbian on it. Those who don’t know raspberry pi. It’s a credit card computer with inbuilt ram and sd card is use as the storage. After reading many blog and forum. Finally found a way to install it in raspberry. Just go in terminal and type

**sudo apt-get install iceweasel**
Many people don’t know that In 2006, a branding issue developed when Mike Connor, representing the Mozilla Corporation, requested that the Debian Project comply with Mozilla standards for use of the Thunderbird trademark when redistributing the Thunderbird software. At issue were modifications not approved by the Mozilla Foundation, when the name for the software remained the same.

The Debian Project subsequently re-branded the Mozilla Firefox program, and other software released by Mozilla, so that Debian could distribute modified software without being bound by the trademark requirements that the Mozilla Foundation had invoked. The new names established by Debian were Iceweasel for Mozilla Firefox, Icedove for Mozilla Thunderbird, and Iceape for SeaMonkey.

Hence to install firefox in raspberry Iceweasel name is used :)

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