Mobile as a Microbit [Pydelhi][Meetup]

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wpid-img_20160116_140856.jpgThis meetup was hosted at IIC(Institute of Informatics and Communication). Though it was easy for me to land on the venue on time. As i participated in their annual technical fest last year. wpid-img_20160116_140859.jpgMeetup started with introduction session just outside the venue. It’s like new trend that we have setup. We have been doing now this before talk starts.wpid-img_20160116_152238.jpg Workshop was on test-driven development with Python, and Django by Gora Mohanty. The presenation pdf can be downloaded from here. We furthur discussed the different type of testing over django and how they are different from each other. wpid-img_20160116_144138.jpgAs usual it was a houseful show. We learned different testing that can done and how they are different from each other. wpid-img_20160116_144246.jpgMeeting community friends on every alternate Saturday and discussing what all we did in the last two week is just totally different feeling. After a tea break pitching session was introduced. wpid-img_20160116_170420.jpgThis time even people from government pitched for hiring. Flash talk was delivered by Akshay Arora. wpid-screenshot_2016-01-17-03-36-06_org.kivy_.remoteshell.pngTopic was mobile as a Microbit replacement. Where we ssh into our android phone and ran command which played with our hardware. wpid-screenshot_2016-01-17-03-36-16_org.kivy_.remoteshell.pngSome example are are TTS, flash, vibration etc. The meetup was concluded by volunteer meeting discussing the things related to pydelhi conference.

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