Stream music over WLAN with VLC

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If necessity is the mother of invention, then laziness must be its father.~Carl Stoddard

Laziness is the one who let me make do things. So there were speaker which were connected via aux to my android device. The problem i faced was to get up and change the track or turning the volume up/down. Hence i thought of playing the speaker over wireless lan.

Things required :

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Router
  • Speaker
    Connect your speaker via aux cable to raspberry pi and pi to router.

First install vlc

sudo apt-get install vlc
Then open up VLC on tab go to
View>Add Interface>webvlc
In linux you have to give permission over the network to communicate.For this run the following command.
sudo nano /usr/share/vlc/lua/http/.hostsvlc1
Add your IP address over there or uncomment to the last line to listen to all ip address.

Run the following command to run vlc web on every startup.

sudo nano /etc/rc.local`


Add “cvlc –host-port=8080”

  • Now go to Google playstore.
  • Download VLC Direct on your android device.vlc
    It will then automatically detect the vlc web and eureka. Now you can play your music from your your android device. No need to run to change volume or track. Just stay connected to the WLAN and enjoy.wpid-img_20151231_164621.jpg


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