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wpid-img_20151028_144449.jpgThe talk started with lightening of diya as most of the educational institution do. Talk was delivered by Anuvrat Prashar. It was on “Introduction of Python”. Crowd consisted of 2nd year student from Information Technology and Computer Science department.wpid-img_20151028_153840.jpg

Anuvrat started with the introduction from explaining what is difference between knowing a programming language and knowing how to program.Then he moved to difference between low level language and high level.wpid-img_20151028_151753.jpg

When we moved onto the implementation. I did some hands on example to explain the power of python. Which were on demand on student like factorial, fizz-buzz. People went mad when we told about sorting in python i.e. list.sort() and all the other basic function.wpid-img_20151028_164710.jpg

Then we concluded by telling about pydelhi and how it works and can benefit them. Every talk is another phase of learning. I would end by quoting a line from today’s talk by anuvrat,”Everyone is selfish, those who say they are not, are telling lie.”

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