Valentine Your Python

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As the name suggests this talk was on python on 14th February. Venue was GNIOT,Greater Noida. Event was a collaboration effort of Credance Infotech,Digiteria and Greater Noida Developer Association.IMG_8590 The biggest challenge i faced in this talk was the fear of not getting crowd of student as the day was Valentines Day. Me and my team decided to make the theme related to Valentineā€™s Day so that we can approach it to everyone.IMG_9187 Surprisingly we got a good response. The event was a hand on session on python for the beginners. Had a very interactive session with the beginners clarifying their all doubts and making them understand the best way i can.IMG_8846 Waiting for the next talk in the same college as the time duration was less due to which we have to hurry up in the end to sum up all the event. Feedback received from everyone is also demanding to have next session as soon as possible. Hoping to get a talk soon . :)IMG_8944

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