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It was Sunday morning. For internship a mail was there at my inbox. i called up rishabh my another friend. As discussed with the person on Facebook meeting was set up at his office. Which was near new Delhi railway station. As soon as we enter the building. The building stairs was full of positive nd funny thought. When we reached at the door. The whole office was at leave i think. Color of the wall was something between blue and green. Environment was very playful but hardly anyone was their except two young gentleman. we both(me and my friend) grabbed our chair and was all set to face our life’s first interview. It started pretty well by asking our working field then taking it to the product on which we have worked. My specialization was android and basic of web development. Then i also came to know CEO of the company was also a android developer. After which i realised interview is gonna be going at its level best. Those people also asked about that what are our expectations from their startup. Which i replied softly was that we just wanna grab more and more knowledge. They also told their office also has Xbox. Which apparently made their company status more higher in my mind. After all the technical question and answer one of the gentleman replied,”guyz your your interview is over”. We both(me and my friend) looked in each other another and question each other via symbol language that,”seriously that was a interview”. Then the gentleman calmly told us that what all should things we should have not said and what else we would have said. we left after couple of minutes giving them token of thanks for letting us present in front of them. Waiting for another interview call now. Giving interview is FUN

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